In one of the worst crashes police say they’ve seen, a car has split in three outside Southland Shopping Centre.

A car has been split into three outside a shopping centre south of Melbourne in one of the worst fatal crashes police say they’ve seen.

CCTV showed the car travelling along the Nepean Highway at Cheltenham with sparks flying on Saturday about 5.30am. The 25-year-old driver from Dandenong died in the crash.

Debris following the horrific smash showed one of the front seats ripped out while the rest of the car was strewn across the highway after hitting a pole.

A car split in three and its driver killed after a horrific crash on the Nepean Highway, Cheltenham, south of Melbourne. Source: 7 News
The left side and the rear seats were separated too.

A traffic light pole was also shredded by the impact with the light globes shattered while one of the BMW’s wheels flew off across five lanes of traffic and smashed in the forecourt of a dive shop.

A Victoria policeman described the crash as ‘incredible’. Source: 7 News
Victoria Police Senior Sergeant Warren Francis-Pester described the scene as “incredible”.

“I’ve never seen debris spread over six lanes of highway like this for a single collision,” he said.

It’s believed the car may have been travelling faster than 80km/h. Source: 7 News
Sen Sgt Francis-Pester actually drove past the BMW on his way to work and saw a speed camera go off indicating it was going faster than 80km/h.

However, police are unsure how fast the car was actually travelling as they begin their investigations.

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