On many parts of Lagos roads, traffic lights were installed to help maintain good flow of traffic.

Sometimes they are complimented by traffic officers from different outfits; LASTMA, LSNC, LCC etc.

Sadly for a long time now these traffic lights have brought more pains than relief and if care is not taken the matter will assume a dangerous dimension soon as avoidable fatal crashes seem likely to occur anytime soon.

This is because in many areas for instance, Apple Junction in Amuwo Odofin, and Oando Filling Station along the Lekki ~ Epe expressway, these traffic lights are not optimally working. The major danger arises from one lane working and another not working. In most cases, the traffic controllers are not readily available to ameliorate these issues. For instance, traffic coming from Lekki Phase 1 axis will be on top speed as the traffic light facing them is not working, yet the traffic light directing traffic from the opposite lane to cut across the speeding ones has given them a go-ahead but they are literally perpetually held bondage as the ‘opposing’ traffic hardly stops for them to pass not until one forcefully inches forward to drive from the Chisco axis to cross to the Oando axis.

This same scenario always plays out at the Apple Junction traffic light as the lights for those coming from Ago for a long time stopped working yet the ones directing other lanes work.

This always create a bottleneck there and endangers the lives and properties of road users as those from Ago will cut across traffic on other lanes who have the right of way.

We do hope that our government agencies will step in and help fix or replace these lights so that avoidable issues won’t crop up.

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