No passenger is believed to have survived after a bus plunged into a river while the driver was arguing with a passenger New surveillance footage shows the driver and a lady arguing in the bus before the bus veers into the wrong lane and falls off a bridge in southwestern China on Sunday morning.

Bodies of 13 people have been recovered from Yangtze River in Chongqing and two others are feared dead though their bodies have not been seen.

Wanzhou district police said the 48-year-old woman asked the driver to pull over after she missed her stop.

When he refused, she walked up to the front of the bus to confront him and an argument ensued which made him stop focusing on the road.

As the quarrel escalated, police said, the woman hit the driver on the head with her mobile phone.

The driver took his right arm off the steering wheel and fought back.

He grabbed her arm when she attacked him again, then hastily steered to the left, sending the bus out of control.

Police also posted dashcam video from a nearby car showing the bus colliding with an oncoming vehicle before smashing through a guardrail and falling into the Yangtze.

Rescuers lifted the wreckage of the bus from the river on Wednesday night.

New surveillance footage shows brawl between passenger and driver before bus veers into wrong lane and falls off bridge in southwestern China.

No one is believed to have survived.

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