Honda USA has announced the release of the 2019 Honda Accord in the United States Auto Market by November 1.

According to reports, 2019 Honda Accord is equipped with Honda’s new generation 2 motor hybrid technology.

For this hybrid power train, it has a 2.0 liter inline 4-cylinder gasoline Atkinson cycle engine with the highest thermal efficiency of more than 40% in Honda’s mass production engine.

The newly developed electric motor is characterized by using a hot working neodymium magnet which does not use heavy rare earth (rare earth) at all.

In addition, the new intelligent power unit (IPU) including the hybrid battery pack and its control system has been made more compact than before and laid out under the rear floor rather than the trunk.

As a result, we succeeded in raising practicality by enlarging the capacity of the trunk as compared with the previous era, with the rear seat also being able to split 60 to 40.

The motor of the hybrid system has a maximum torque of 32 kgm and derives power of 212 hp throughout the entire system combined with the engine.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certified fuel efficiency of the 2019 model is improved 48% mile / gallon (about 20.4 km / liter) in urban area, high speed, and composite mode by 2% than before.

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