The Volkswagen Group will study the possibility, at a strategic meeting on 16 November, to convert two additional factories to the production of electric cars according to the German business daily Handelsblatt .

Declining sales of sedans, notably the Passat, are pushing Volkswagen to reconsider the use of its Emden plant in which it is produced. Operating at full capacity until 2020, the Emden plant could be converted to the production of electric cars . The Hanover plant, which produces the electric version of the Crafter, could suffer the same fate .

Volkswagen’s first electric model, the compact 5-door ID, will be produced in Zwickau at the end of 2019 . The group’s first electric model plant in volume, it received 1.2 billion euros in investments. In Zwickau are added three other factories: Braunschweig, Kassel and Salzgitter. Already producing batteries for e-Up, e-Golf and Passat GTE, the Braunschweig plant will be expanded to assemble 500,000 batteries per year in the future. As for the Kessel plant, it will be dedicated to the production of rotors and stators, which will equip the electric motors, as well as cells and battery modules.

At the strategic meeting, the Volkswagen Group will also study the opportunity to build a new Skoda factory outside the Czech Republic .

The growing demand in Europe and China for Skoda models has helped the Czech brand’s sales reach 1.2 million cars in 2017. This good commercial health is putting the factories in overheating. According to internal sources, Skoda could lose around 360,000 sales by 2020 if the capacity is left unchanged.

After considering the use of other factories of the group, the German and Czech leaders are thinking about a brand new factory in which several models of the German group would be produced.

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