The US division of Toyota Motor Corporation announced on November 20 that “Adventure” will be set for the new “RAV 4” (Toyota RAV 4) and will be released in the US market in December.

The local base price is $ 32,900 (about 3,720,000 yen).

RAV 4 What is the new adventure
The new RAV 4 adventure is a grade that increased off-road performance.

Equipped with roof rails and plastic fender extensions. The door mirrors were black finished and the front bumper was fitted with silver under guard.

In addition, aluminum wheels and black grille front grill are also dedicated designs, and we produce powerfulness.

This grill is equipped with an active grille shutter which helps improve fuel economy.

Also note that the new RAV4 adventure comes standard with the newly developed 4WD system “Dynamic Torque Vectoring AWD”.

By introducing a torque vectoring mechanism that optimally controls the left and right driving forces of the front and rear and the rear wheels, we pursued excellent handling stability and traction performance during cornering and rough road driving.

In addition, we adopt the “disconnect mechanism” which stops the rotation of the drive system that transmits power to the rear wheels during 2WD driving and improves fuel economy.

Introduced about RAV 4 new type of grade · adventure which increased the offroad performance.

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