Peugeot’s new model & new car and model change information that is anticipated and expected to be released after 2019 are summarized. Do you have a car you care about? People who like Peugeot, must see!

I got rendering CG of “1008” that is expected to join newly in Peugeot’s crossover SUV series.

This 1008 is the fourth SUV after “2008”, “3008”, “5008”, it is the smallest brothers model.

The world premiere is estimated to be around 2020.

Despite its compactness, it seems that the interior of the cabin will be shared with the top model. Although the possibility of the option is high, it is equipped with PSA latest “i-Cockpit” digital instrument cluster, and a compact steering wheel that enhances the visibility of the digital screen.

The expected powertrain is equipped with 1.2 liter and 1.5 liter in-line 3 cylinder Pure-Tech turbo engine. Although base model 108 is not introduced in Japan, there is a possibility of introducing Japanese market only to popular compact · crossover SUV. The world premiere is expected to be 2020 years.

Peugeot’s compact crossover SUV “2008” I got an expected rendering CG based on the latest scoop information of the next type.

This 2008 is Europe’s compact class SUV, 2008 which represents the PSA that grew to compete for top sales, is said to show further evolution in 2019.

Also, the place of the world premiere is expected to be a motor show from 2018 to 2019.

The power train is expected to be a 1.2 liter inline 3 cylinder engine and a 1.5 liter inline 4 diesel engine “BlueHDi” diesel engine, and the setting of the EV model is rumored to the “208” new model which becomes the direct hatchback model of 2008 It is.

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