After the electric crossovers, Audi will launch in 2020 an electric sedan, concretized by the concept Audi e-Tron GT presented in Los Angeles. A dynamic sedan, which stands out clearly in anti-Tesla Model S, and which should be close to the Porsche Taycan.

The first electric model of Audi should therefore finally be marketed very soon , and will be followed in 2019 by a second model. e-Tron then e-Tron Sportback , for a duo of crossovers, one classic, the other to the line more profiled and announced by a concept in 2017. And the following year, Audi will enter the world of electric sedans , with a model announced by this new concept e-Tron GT whose production will start at the end of 2020, for deliveries early 2021 .

As usual, Audi presents us with a concept that might seem ready for the series. The manufacturer even goes so far as to install conventional rear-view mirrors, even though the e-Tron SUV awaiting launch will be equipped with cameras … a realism that comes at a price.

Because under the unusual musculature of its wings, this e-Tron GT could seem to be only an electric A7. The streamlined line also highlights elements dictated by the aerodynamics, at the hood or the front fenders. We see that Audi continues to look for a way to translate its great grille into the electric world. The concept announces an imposing model, 4m97 long and 1m96 wide , but only 1m38 high.

The concept advances an electric motor of 434 kW / 590 hp, with 4 driving wheels, of course without drive shaft. Advantage of the electric, a trunk of 100 liters is available, in addition to the trunk of 450 liters. The installed battery has a capacity of 90 kWh. Autonomy is announced 400 km in WLTP .

Like the Taycan Porsche from which it actually derives, this Audi uses a battery running on a voltage of 800V . What offer a faster charge. Audi evokes the possibility of recharging at 80% in 20 minutes , to recover 320 km of autonomy. A wireless load of 11 kW is also on the program.

After these first 3 models, Audi should accelerate the pace of electric vehicles. Because of 3 models in 2021, the manufacturer plans to move to 12 in 2025, from city to high-end. Volkswagen’s MEB platform will undoubtedly be used, but Audi will mainly use the new Platform Platform Electric (EPP) platform developed in partnership with Porsche, which will take over the simply adapted platforms of e-Tron / e-Tron Sportback / e-Tron. GT / Taycan.

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