Via the partnership between Volkswagen and JAC, Seat will soon return to China, in electric mode. JAC, Volkswagen and Seat have just added a new development to their association, with a common platform development project. Electric always.

Official visits are often the occasion for new contracts. Xi Jinping’s visit to Spain is no exception, with the signing of a new part of the agreement between JAC and the Volkswagen Group. Involving Seat since we are in Spain, and that the brand will return to China in 2021 where it should become a brand specialized in the electric vehicle. The joint venture JAC-VW only has a license to produce electric vehicles. His first model sold under the Sol brand is thus derived from the JAC iEV6S.

Seat’s entry into the Chinese market in 2021 should be via an adaptation of existing models, a question of development time, rather than models dedicated to electric propulsion. But thanks to the new agreement, the Volkswagen group will be able to put a little more weight in the development of Sol or Seat models in China.

Indeed, the Memorandum of Understanding that has just been signed provides for the construction of a development center, whose work will begin before the end of the year. A center whose main task will be the joint design of a new platform dedicated to the electric vehicle.

Platform that can also be used by JAC for its own models, and that will not be used by Volkswagen or Seat out of China.

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