The proliferation of SUVs in the Volkswagen range would almost forget the historic pillar of the range: the Golf! The eighth generation will appear in autumn 2019 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The best-selling compact sedan in Europe is resisting. Discover how.

In the autumn of 2019, Volkswagen will unveil the eighth generation of Golf . How will the compact star sedan of its segment evolve in Europe? A year before its official presentation, Argus tells you everything.

As a result of the “Dieselgate” , the customer appetite for SUVs and the astronomical costs of developing the electric program, Volkswagen has thoroughly revised its product plan.

The brand has made straight cuts in its range of classic sedans.

In the compact car segment, the Volkswagen Scirocco coupe and the Volkswagen Eos coupé-cabriolet have disappeared, as have the Coccinelle and the Golf Cabriolet. Volkswagen will release the caudine forks again since the three-door silhouette will not be renewed. The only survivors of this eighth generation: the 5-door sedan and the break, Golf SW .

Pillar of the range, the Golf remains the best-selling model in Europe. Since its launch in France in 2013, the Golf 7 (sedan and station wagon) has attracted over 192,000 customers.

At the European level, over the same period, it totals more than 2,327,000 units. True value, the compact VW is also a career in the United States and China. Therefore, to please everyone, she can not afford the slightest eccentricity.

For some spirits, the evolution of the style between the current Golf 7 and the future Golf 8 is similar to the game of seven errors. In fact, it’s much more subtle.

To meet the standards of pedestrian impact and improve aerodynamics, the calender is located lower and the air inlets are widened. The outline of the headlamps abandons a monolithic shape to adopt cut edges around each optical block. As if we had removed the protective glass of the lighthouse. Should we also see a subliminal tribute to the four-head grille of the legendary Golf 1 GTI? In any case, it highlights a very worked light signature. The design of the shield stretches the lines horizontally as much as possible to visually enlarge the car and give it a good seat.

In profile, the Golf 8 gains dynamism with a flag line slightly lowered and flanks adorned with a rib ending in a medallion at the junction between the front fender and the door. The stern of the Golf 8 is, again, an evolution of that of the current model. The optical blocks are more worked. They adopt an “L” shape, like those of the Tiguan 2 and are highlighted by a slight disbursement. Another novelty, the lettering “Golf” is now located in the center of the tailgate flap, just under the Volkswagen logo. The Golf harmonizes with other models in the range, like the T-Roc for example.

The Volkswagen Digital Cockpit 3D demonstrator , presented at the CES Las Vegas in January 2017 , accurately indicates the interior layout of the new Golf 8. It will have two digital screens in the spirit of those of new Mercedes A-Class .

However, the central touch screen will not have its lower part aligned with the instrumentation panel facing the driver. Good size, the central display of the Golf 8 will resume the principle of the one that equips the new Volkswagen Touareg .
Below, the air conditioning interface is also tactile. Well integrated between horizontal rails, it offers logical and optimal ergonomics.

“Almost all the buttons disappeared and the controls are tactile and gestural. “With this new interior layout, the Volkswagen Golf 8 will rise to the level of premium brands. Even more standing to stand out from his predecessor and especially take a good head start on the general competition (the future Peugeot 308 will not be released until 2021).

Volkswagen abandons the project of an electric Golf to be able to propose a compact 100% specific electric sedan in 2020.

Close to the concept-car seen at the Mondial de Paris in 2016, the ID will propose three powers of battery and a price close to the 25 000 €.
The Golf will have the 1.0 TSI with 116 hp and the 1.5 TSI with 130 and 150 hp petrol versions without forgetting the GTI and R .

In diesel, we expect the 1.5 TDI and the 2.0 TDI . The main novelty will be the arrival of light hybridization using a 48V alternator starteron the 1.5 TSI (down 0.3 l per 100 km) and 12V on the 2.0 TDI.

The Golf 8 will also offer a version GNV and Multifuel E85 . The hybrid-rechargeable will also be part of a new 1.5 TSI drivetrain, all developing about 240 hp.

Between the presentation of the new Seat Leon in spring and that of the Audi A3 in autumn, the Volkswagen will have to play elbows. It is expected to be in May-June 2019 and production will begin in July for a commercial debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

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