The new Mazda 3 is unveiled in Los Angeles with a sleek design and unprecedented mechanics.

As promised, Mazda unveils the new generation of its compact, Mazda 3 , in four- and five-door versions. The latter is very close to the concept car Kai 2017 to a few details. It sports a new interpretation of the Kodo style of the brand and inaugurates the new evolutions of the SkyActiv technology of the manufacturer whether its architecture, interior ergonomics or mechanics.

Its design is collected and refined with large areas and few edges. The fires are very thin. The grille has been lowered. The incisal front combined with the wide inclined rear uprights and the high perched rear light units give aggression to the whole.

It would only miss rims a little more imposing to find the clearly sporty pace of the concept. Mazda announces wheels 16 to 18 inches in diameter.

At 4.46m long, 1.78m wide and 1.45m high, the hatchback model is a little more compact than the one it replaces while displaying a longer wheelbase with 2.73m. This makes it possible to display both reduced overhangs and a more generous interior space. The Mazda 3 hatchback grows a little with 4.66m long. The weight of the car is still unknown.

Mazda has simplified the interior of its latest and bet, following the trend of the industry, on the horizontality to accentuate the sensation of space on board.

The aerators are integrated in the lower part of the dashboard, while a new 8.8-inch central screen takes place on it. On the center console, the shifter was advanced and reassembled.

Mazda says it has particularly studied the position and settings of the seats and the location of the controls to adapt to the natural movements of the human body.

Note that the new Mazda 3 is the first model of the manufacturer to be equipped with a standard knee airbag for the driver.

The car comes standard with an eight-speaker audio system (12 optional). Semi-autonomous driving in bottling is announced in the catalog. The details of equipment for France remains to be known.

The new Mazda 3 will be launched with two new 1.5L and 2L SkyActiv-G gasoline engines, a new 1.8L SkyActiv-D diesel, and the new SkyActiv-X gasoline compression ignition, a first in the world. industry. Mazda is still discreet about the details of the engines. Their power is still unknown, and the manufacturer announces the availability of a technology called M Hybrid without more precision.

Manual and six-speed automatic transmissions are announced, as well as an intelligent all-wheel drive. The suspension is provided by a MacPherson device at the front and a torsion bar at the rear.

This Mazda 3 must be marketed early 2019, first in the United States

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