The Renault group announces the acquisition of start-up Carizy, specialized in the sale of second-hand cars between individuals. The aim is to integrate their know-how and skills to gain a foothold in this market, and then to build synergies with the Renault network.

Two-thirds of used vehicle sales (4 million) in France are from individual to individual, and escape the manufacturers. If they are present on sales between professionals and professionals to individual, they leave the field open to new players who intermediation between individuals, including Carizy ( partner Argus ). From there, we understand better the acquisition by the Renault group of this start-up.

According to Nicolas Lemaignen, Renault France’s used vehicle manager, “this private market is anxious for many buyers” . Carizy is not intended to sell vehicles, but offers a service that assists buyers and sellers.

Each vehicle has a detailed inspection report.
It includes the home inspection of the vehicle by an independent inspector, the posting of the advertisement, the estimate of the sale price, the verification of the creditworthiness of the buyer and a guarantee of six months. Other paid services are also offered: extended warranty, financing and delivery of the car at home. For their part, the buyers benefit from an ultra-complete report on the state of the vehicle (with photos of the defects) and the history (owners, maintenance, control-technique …). A personal pro service for which Carizy takes 5 to 6% of the transaction price.

With the acquisition of Carizy, which becomes a subsidiary of the Renault group, the manufacturer puts a foot on this important market. Which is even more so with the ads made on the conversion bonus . “The first step is to grow, capitalistically speaking, Carizy (30 people) who carries out 150 to 200 monthly transactions” according to Mathias Hioco, the founder.

Renault, meanwhile, is interested in “used vehicles aged 8 to 10 years with less than 120 000 km,” says Nicolas Lemaignen. Pile the target of Carizy whose average basket is 10,000 €. The second step will be “to set up a synergy between the start-up and the Renault network. We will make announcements in this direction at the end of the first quarter of 2019 ” . An approach identical to that of PSA, which launched in October 2017.

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