Following revelations in German media, a spokesman for Volkswagen confirmed to Handelsblatt that the manufacturer sold to customers pre-production cars between 2006 and 2018.

Vehicles of this type, used for purposes development or demonstration, are supposed to be scrapped when mass production begins.

But Volkswagen would have sold some as used models whereas, unlike the final versions, they would not have received the approval of the approval authorities to be placed on the market.

Around 6,700 pre-series cars would have been sold between Europe and the United States, including around 4,000 in Germany. A reminder, the details of which remain to be known, would currently be organized by the manufacturer.

Herbert Diess, big boss of the Volkswagen Group, was informed of this situation in 2016 when he was managing the eponymous brand.

If this new deal at first glance touches far fewer vehicles than the DieselGate unearthed in 2015 (11 million cars), we can, at a minimum, be amazed at such a reaction time for the giant from abroad. Rhine which redoubles efforts to build a new image.

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