Apply these tips to avoid wasting gas and take care of your finances. The saving of gasoline is possible through tricks and good practices. We tell you how to achieve it.

The saving of gasoline is one of the issues that most disturbs people. Once they get a car or a motorcycle, they begin to identify what they spend on if the vehicle consumes a lot of fuel, if it surrendered or was finished in a short time or after traveling a few kilometers.

Over time, the uncontrolled expenditure of gas increases the value of sustaining the means of transport and affects the pocket of drivers. The eternal question is, then, how to save fuel, how to avoid wasting the liquid. Being attentive to the general state of the car or the motorcycle, to which it is working well and does not present any leak is essential. It seems obvious, but preventive maintenance and knowing the characteristics of the vehicle you have is necessary to optimize the use of resources with which it works.

On the other hand, making short trips , with more effective routes, means that little by little important gasoline savings are achieved. Changes like first and second, which are used to give force to the vehicle, require more gasoline than changes in speed, such as fourth and fifth. It is not that they stop using the first two changes, but it is advisable to drive more consciously and not so mechanically.

The invitation is extended if you consider that accelerating or braking sharply increases gasoline consumption . Being a better driver influences that you can save more and have a positive impact on finances. These are five tips for not wasting fuel. Put them into practice!

Three ideas to save gas

1. Check the prices of gasoline at different service stations. These vary more than you think, so it’s good to track them and change seasons when costs increase.

2. Do not wait until the tank is empty for tanking . The presence of air in the gas tank can cause the liquid to be consumed faster than normal.

3. Carry a judicious control of how much you tank, the value of each tank and the gallons that the car or motorcycle receives according to what you paid. Analyze the figures at least every week to find out if expenses have been reduced or increased.

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