Renault’s Board of Directors formalized the appointments of Jean-Dominique Senard and Thierry Bolloré as head of the French automobile group.

As expected, the Renault Board of Directors , which met on January 24 under the chairmanship of the lead director Philippe Lagayette, “took note of the resignation” of Carlos Ghosn , who headed the firm since 2005, and has given the group a new governance.

Unsurprisingly, it was decided “to institute a dissociation of the functions of Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer,” announces the firm. As a result, the 65-year -old Jean-Dominique Senard , who has been at the head of the Michelin group since 2012, was elected president, while Thierry Bolloré , 55, number 2 of Carlos Ghosn, who had held the presidency by interim, has been appointed to the position of Director General.

“In addition to all the duties normally assumed by the Chairman of the Board, the new Chairman of the Board of Directors will have to evaluate and, if necessary, change the governance of Renault to include the transition to the new structure. its proposals on the evolution of governance on the board of directors before the next general meeting of shareholders. “, announces the manufacturer in a statement.

The new president will floor on the future of the Alliance
“In addition, Renault’s Board of Directors wishes to actively oversee the operation of the Alliance and decides to entrust its Chairman with full responsibility for steering the Alliance on behalf of Renault, in liaison with the Chief Executive Officer.” , continues the diamond, before adding: “As such, the chairman of the board of Renault will be the main interlocutor of the Japanese partner and other partners of the Alliance for any discussion on the organization and the The Alliance will propose to the Board of Directors any new Alliance agreement that it sees fit for the future of Renault, which will be the main representative of Renault in the governing bodies of the Alliance. at Nissan when Renault has a right of proposal. ”

Jean-Dominique Senard future boss of the Alliance?
In summary, Jean-Dominique Senard will have to seriously consider the future of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. Presented as a social boss and known for his calm and courtesy, he will have to ease the tensions that have emerged between Renault and Nissan for why not eventually take the reins of the Alliance. We wish him good luck already …

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