Distractions while driving, such as using a cell phone, putting on makeup, looking at GPS, adjusting music, talking or eating, produce traffic accidents. These are six distractions to avoid in driving in favor of road safety.

According to the National Road Safety Observatory of Colombia, between January and April of 2018, 2025 people died in traffic accidents . The figure increased 5.41% compared to the same period of the previous year.

The causes of such accidents are varied, for example, the speeding , alcohol or mechanical failures. However, according to the National Road Safety Agency, one of the main causes and that initially seems to be irrelevant, is that the driver performs some type of activity that distracts him.

These are the six distractions to avoid while driving your vehicle , be it car or motorcycle.

Do not answer the cell phone while driving
A study conducted by the Institute of Advanced Motorists, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving driving standards in the United Kingdom, showed that answering Facebook messages from a cell phone while driving a vehicle is more dangerous than driving under the effects of alcohol.

According to the study, using social networks from the cell phone reduces the response capacity of drivers by 37.6% , while sending a text message decreases the ability to react by 34.7%. Even those who use the so-called hands-free system lose 21% of their reaction capacity.

Do not put yourself in the car
At least 43% of a thousand women surveyed in the UK admitted wearing makeup while driving , but only 14% accepted that this interferes with their driving skills . However, figures from insurers in that country estimate that women who put on makeup in the car produce up to 450,000 traffic accidents a year.

Eye with the copilot
In 2015, BP, Castrol and the Real Automóvil Club de España (Race) conducted a road safety study in Europe that showed that 85% of distractions are produced by companions, be they children, family, friends or pets . More than a thousand drivers were surveyed and 60% acknowledged losing control of the car on occasion for talking to the co-pilot.

Before starting, adjust the GPS
The benefits of GPS are incalculable for those who are not so placed at the wheel . However, there is a risk of using GPS while driving . The recommendation is to enter the address in the GPS application before starting the journey and let yourself be guided by the sound instructions.

If you are going to look for something … stop!
Do you need a document? Review information that you have stored in the glove compartment of the car? Confirm that you have not left the backpack? How important can it be to look for something while driving the car or motorbike ? The best thing is to stop. Finding an object while driving may mean that you take your hands off the wheel and lose track of the road.

Eye with music
Changing the station, advancing a song or turning up the volume are small actions that become dangerous when driving. The key is to set the ideal and comfortable conditions for you at the time of driving before putting the car in march and to make use of the controls by voice or the controls in the steering wheel.

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